Tradition! (Sort of...)

I’m excited to be making tallitot (prayer shawls) for these two lovely ladies for their upcoming B’nai Mitzvah celebration.  It’s always fun to work with clients to design something that incorporates their ideas with my design aesthetic.  



I met with Lillian and Laurie last Saturday to work our our designs.  I’ve known Laurie for - well, more years than I care to think - ok, since the early’s 80’s.  Her mother Lillian I got to know in 2017 when we did the LA Women’s March together - what a great time that was!  Both Lillian and Laurie are artists, so they understand something about the creative process, and that made working together more fun and productive.

Tallitot (that’s the plural - “tallit” is the singular) can be any color, but most often they are white with blue stripes at each end.  Both Laurie and Lillian opted for something traditional - up to a point.  

Laurie opted for an white shawl, with blue stripes a the ends.  But rather than have several separate stripes with white between, she chose to have a gradient stripe - from dark blue at the bottom flowing into light blue at the top.  

Lillian decided to turn tradition upside down, with midnight blue for the main body of the shawl, with white and turquoise blue stripes at each end.  

A few minutes on my computer with my weaving design program, and I have the basics of each design.