Cough Suppressant

Ever since I was a kid, I've gotten sick with a bad cold or flu during spring break. That really cuts into your fun, let me tell you. This year was no exception. I woke up on the morning after Easter with a dreadful sore throat.  

After three weeks I have residual congestion and a hacking cough. Nothing - not cough drops, cough syrup, inhaler, or Bruce's special hot toddy - will stop the coughing attacks when they strike. The slightest exertion - and sometimes nothing at all - brings them on.  

In frustration, I dusted off my spinning wheel and dug some fiber out of my stash.  Armed with a box of Kleenex, a few cough drops and a cup of tea, I sat down to some gentle spinning.  Sure enough, as I spin the cough reflex fades away and I experience relief for a time.  It's like some blessed Rumpelstiltskin curse, as long as I spin, I don't cough.  I stop spinning, I start coughing.  But sooner or later, I have to sleep - or try to.

The roses, at least, are blooming and healthy.