Persistence - Marching Part 2

This was going to be a blog about how long it took - how much persistence was needed - before women won the right to vote in this country.  Indeed, the early 19th century suffragists were literally not allowed to speak for themselves - there were laws against women speaking in public! I'll publish that blog another day.

Yesterday, this was going to be a blog about the need for level-headness, and peace, and prayer in the face of wars and rumors of wars.  And let's not be too quick to say this is God's will, and these are the end times, because we've heard that before, and in the immortal words of Bob Franke "the Spirit blows where it wills, so beware of the man selling tickets."   

But today, this has to be a blog about how we must persist to fight injustice, and insanity, and just plain evil.  Because even though we thought we were done with this in 1865 and in 1945, this happened today (and I can't even believe that I'm posting this picture):


But this also happened today.  In the face of men with guns and clubs and evil intent (because peaceful protestors don't bring those things to march), men and women of faith linked arms and sang "This Little Light of Mine."  


And so do all men and women of good will persist in the face of evil. And now I'm going to persist a little while at my loom, and sing "This Little Light of Mine" while I weave.