Something Special

It's always fun to weave something special - especially if I know the person I'm weaving for.  

My friend Kevin asked me to weave a shawl for his wife Margaret for their 30th wedding anniversary.  Thirty years!  I was at their wedding - I couldn't possibly be that old!

Because Kevin is color blind, I conspired with another friend to help me choose the colors.  I sent Carolyn to the hardware store to pick up paint samples of colors she thought Margaret would like.    Carolyn mailed me the paint chips, from there it was a simple case of matching the paint chips to the samples in my dye notebook.

I painted a gradient warp and paired it with a solid blue weft, using Tencel for its sheen and drapeability.  Weaving a gradient warp is fun because you get to see what happens as you weave through the color changes. 

I'm very pleased with the outcome.  It frequently happens that the last thing I've woven is my new "favorite thing" - and that's especially true this time.  

As a bonus, I overestimated the amount of blue weft that I needed, and have enough to weave another shawl.  I will use different colors in the warp, though, so that Margaret's shawl remains truly unique.