I went in to buy buttons...

I went to the fabric store to buy buttons, and came out with yarn.  That happens to me a lot.  What can I say?  It was on sale.

Because I buy so much yarn - a skein here and a skein there - and because I make things to sell, I need to keep track of what I have and what I use.  I thought I'd share my system here in case you need to organize your yarn, too.

Each skein is labeled with an accession number - the year and then a number.  The two skeins I just bought are 2016.4 and 2016.5. Only 5 skeins of yarn so far this year - I must be falling behind! Details about the skeins are logged in a journal.  I used to keep the log in Excel, but have found it's easier for me to do it by hand.  Go figure.

I also enter the yarn info on a business-sized card and put that, with a sample of the yarn in plastic sleeve in a note book.  The notebook is organized by which of the many bins of yarns that I have - roughly by fiber type.  This way, when I'm thinking about a project I don't have to pull out the bins first, I start with the book.