Scarf for Chelsea

At last - I can talk about it.

I don’t often take commissions for my woven clothing.  My projects are usually planned out well in advance, using the same threading for several variations to save warping time.  But when my friend Risé asked me to weave a special scarf for daughter Chelsea for Christmas, I readily agreed.

The parameters were simple - it had to be long enough to wrap, drape well, and be in Chelsea’s favorite colors of purple and orange.

Because Chelsea has a flame spirit, I chose a weave structure called an “undulating point twill” - sometimes called a “flame twill” because the points resemble the fingers of a fire.  I invited Risé to help paint the warp, gradually transitioning from purple to orange.  The weft was dyed a deep purple.

I decided to use Tencel because it has a nice sheen, and drapes better than silk.  The warp was sett at30 ends per inch, using 16 shafts on my AVL Little Weaver loom.  

The finished scarf is just about 90 inches long - long enough to wrap and tie.  I am absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out.