It’s been hot this summer.  Really, really hot.  And muggy.  It’s this El Nino condition that’s doing it, but it doesn’t really matter why.  What does matter Is the utter lack of ambition that accompanies this condition.  But then it doesn’t matter - and that’s “ennui.”  

The looms are sitting empty.  There are no bobbins of yarn on the spinning wheels.  The dyepots have a fine layer of dust on them.  

And yet, there a projects and there are deadlines.  So yesterday, despite the heat and humidity, I washed an entire fleece.  Today, I am paying for it with joints that are stiff and sore.  

Today, I decided to embrace the ennui, to let it wash over me and through me. To drink iced tea and sit in front of the fan.  To decide that, just for the day, it didn’t matter.  

But now the sun is going down, and with it the temperature.  I’m starting to think of what I can do next.  Tomorrow, when it’s hot, I may have ennui again.  But for now, I think I’ll sit and spin.