Bomb Pops!

As a kid we didn't get popsicles very often.  My mom made a homemade variation with Kool-Ade that was served in a bowl called "frozen stuff" (yup, that's what we called it - "frozen stuff").  But popsicles were a special treat, usually when we were on a family vacation.

Bomb Pop inspired skein   

Bomb Pop inspired skein


A few years ago, Bjo Trimble of Griffin Dye Works dyed a skein of wool with one end dipped in cochineal and the other in indigo.  I fell in love with it - it reminded me of a bomb pop - and I love bomb pops!  

The skein has been resting in my stash for a while, but this week I felt the need to weave a little red, white and blue.  I paired the skein with some white wool to fill out the warp and the weft, and added a little sparkly white yarn for an icy effect.  

Bomb Pop Scarf

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Stay cool...