A Tale of Two Blankets

Naps are one of my favorite things - rare but favorite.  Best nap opportunities seem to happen on Sunday afternoons.  When the weather is nice I like to nap on our front patio - but sometimes it gets a bit chilly when the patio moves into the shade.  A light blanket is called for.

I had some mohair singles yarn in my stash, dyed in shades of green, blue, plum and rust.  This would make a perfect contrast with the rust cushions on my patio furniture.  I filled it out with a rust colored 2-ply wool/mohair blend and a purple hand spun Romney wool singles.  I warped up the full 45 inch width of my loom at 8 ends per inch, with enough warp to weave two throws.  

I had some forest green merino yard on hand, but only enough for one blanket.  For the second I purchased Lambspun wool/mohair singles, variegated from sage to dark green.  The weave would be fairly open - I wanted drapey throws - not stiff blankets.  

The result is two very different blankets.  The blanket with the solid forest green weft is softer - because Merino! - and the forest green actually pulls up the jewel tones in the warp.  The blanket with the variegated sage weft has a more muted tweed, pseudo-plaid effect.  

Both blankets are light weight but cozy and warm - perfect for napping on the patio.