A crazy idea

I get these crazy ideas sometimes.  You know those old movies: "Let's put on a play!"  "My uncle has a barn we can use!"  Yeah, that kind of crazy idea.  

One of my crazier ideas was to hold a sheep-to-shawl event - but all the spinning would be done on spindles and we'd use a warp weighted loom.  And we'd teach people, many of whom had never held a spindle or shuttle before, to do it.

My dear friend Ercil wrote an article about this project that was just published in the summer edition of Spin-off magazine.  I've blogged about my loom and this particular project in the past, and I won't repeat what was covered in the article here (get Spin-off and read it!),

All in all, over forty people participated, with a gratifyingly large amount of enthusiasm from everyone involved.  Here's a picture of the finished shawl, being modeled by Bjo Trimble:

Bjo modeling shawl.jpg

One small bit of errata from the Spin-off article:  the warp was sett at about 14 ends per inch - not wraps per inch.