Weaving weekend

Last Saturday I participated in a fantastic workshop sponsored by the Ventura County Handweavers & Spinners Guild led by super-weaver Jannie Taylor.  There were ten of us in the workshop and each of us brought a loom warped with a different shadow weave pattern.    Then, in a round-robin we each wove a sample on each other's looms.    

This was the first road trip for my AVL Little Weaver, and it performed like a champ.  I warped it up with a 12-shaft pattern provided by Jannie before the workshop.  Most of the people in the workshop had never woven on a computer-interfaced loom before.  Some took to it right away, others were a bit intimidated by it.  

I put on plenty of warp, and I've been working this week on weaving it off.  Not sure what I'll use the fabric for.