Move your right brain, move your left brain

Weaving is like that.  It's a process with discreet steps, and each one must be followed with care and in order.  That's the left brain part.  But most of those steps are, within themselves, repetitive - one might say meditative.  That's the right brain part. 

There's a great deal that must be done before warp ever meets weft: measuring the warp, sleying the reed, threading the heddles, beaming on.  And before that there's design - color, texture, pattern.


Last summer on my fiber stay-cation, I planned a project based on Monet's water lillies paintings.  I dyed the yarn and measured the warp.   

For  day seven of Art Every Day Month, I sleyed the reed.It doesn't look like much, but it's a step along the way.