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Do you have a question?  Are you interested in a custom order?  Do you just want to say "Hi"?  Please feel free to contact me using the form below.  I will be happy to hear from you.

--Esther Benedict
Designer & Weaver


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Privacy regulations require me to give you all sorts of legal mumbo jumbo - pages and pages of it.  In lieu of that, just let me say:

If you contact me via email, I will use that email to contact you back.  Your email may be stored on my computer, my phone, my tablet (all of which are password protected), and, of course, Gmail's servers.  If I'm feeling really obsessive, I might just print your email out and put it in a file in my office, in my house, which will be locked if nobody's home.  

I will never, ever share your personal information, including your email with anyone else unless you specifically tell me I can.  I will not put you on a mailing list without your permission, although if you want to follow Belle Estoile on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or my blog, that would be cool :-)

If you decide you want to buy something from me directly, I will share the legal mumbo jumbo - pages and pages of it - about protecting your other personal and financial information at that time.